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This is a collection of sixty-two true stories from personal experience that will inspire the believer, as well as show a doubting world, that God exists. Stories tell how God rescues from danger, clears a storm for safe travel, makes money miraculously appear, sends angels to help, and answers prayer. You’ll discover the various ways God protects, provides, redeems, encourages, communicates, and delights those who are looking for Him. If that’s you, these stories will help you identify God’s miraculous presence in your own life.

These are His stories, and they are meant to be shared.

There is nothing special about me, just an ordinary person. The only One who is truly amazing is the Almighty God, His Son and Savior Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who comforts and guides us. He is the One I wish to point you to. He is the only One who can do the miraculous. I trust He will use these stories to draw you closer to Him, to prove His great power, and reveal His deep love for you.