My Teacup greeting cards have taken on a life of their own, after all, who wouldn't be excited about receiving a bulging envelope in the mail from a friend or loved one, only to discover there's a delicious tea bag waiting to be brewed while reading the encouraging note, kind words, or invitation inside. The story most frequently heard is that of someone receiving a Thank You card for the Kimberly Shaw Teacup Thank You cards they sent. Other stories tell of how a card encouraged, uplifted, and even cultivated a new or broken relationship.

Ultimately, when we share kind words and encouragement, especially when it comes with a warm cup of tea to initiate comfort, it stops being about ourselves and begins being about others, and that is about as good as it gets.

I've been making cards since 1984. For the first 10 years it was a creative outlet to share personal wishes and Christmas greetings with friends and family.  In 1994 Kimberly Shaw Graphics became a business through the thoughtful encouragement of the recipients of those initial hand painted cards. I had no plans of becoming a greeting card entrepreneur, my career was in architecture. But by God's gentle leading, and through a series of many baby steps, this collection of Teacup Greeting cards is now available for you to share your thoughts, encouragement, and tea with others.

Warmest regards, Kimberly Shaw


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