Large Art Card - Father's Day Sport

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A watercolor of a classic blue Shelby Cobra sports car from a bird's eye view that's been turned into a large shareable Father's Day card. It's sized to fits in a long 9-1/2" x 4" envelope.  

The back reveals the whole art design when opened to its full size of 8" x 9-1/4" that can sit on a desk or book shelf, or in this case a shop or garage. 

The inside reads, "To a Dad who's a real sport. Happy Father's Day." 

Note about the painting: This watercolor was originally created with 8 other images all painted in the same blue hue. Each small image represented a life experience, this one to depict the fun adventurous moments. If you know me personally, it's no secret I have a love for cars. To me they are another form of artwork, and the Shelby Cobra is definitely a work of art.